Health benefits

Every ingredient we use is not only tasty, but beneficial to your health:

Acai: Strengthens & protects immunity, anti-aging, bone health, sugar balance

Almonds: Strengthens & protects immunity, lowers blood pressure, bone health, high in antioxidants, calming, skin health

Apple: Detoxification, improves memory, lowers cholesterol, aids in digestion

Avocado: Lowers cholesterol, controls blood pressure, anti-inflammatory, promotes eye health, anti-aging, skin health, sugar balance

Banana: Energy production, improves concentration & memory, aids in digestion

Beetroot: Liver detoxification, lowers blood pressure, energy production

Blackberries: Skin health, anti-inflammatory, promotes eye health, aids in digestion, bone health

Blueberries: High antioxidant, superfood, strengthens & protects immunity, vision, improves memory, calming

Brazil Nuts: Strengthens & protects immunity, regulates metabolism, high in antioxidants

Carrot: Liver detoxification, strengthens & protects immunity, promotes eye health,

Cashew Nuts: Energy production, improves concentration & memory

Celery: Energising yet calming, reduces nervous system, pH balance

Cherries: Tissue health, antioxidant, strengthens & protects immunity, vision, calming

Chia Seeds: High in antioxidants, aids in digestion, aids in brain function, anti-inflammatory, energy production

Chlorella: Detoxification, energy production, bone health, aids in brain function

Cranberries: Strengthens & protects immunity, anti-inflammatory, lowers blood pressure, dental health

Coconut Oil: Skin and hair health, strengthens & protects immunity, aids in digestion, assists in healing and infections

Cacao Butter (raw): High in antioxidants, skin & hair health, bone health, boosts mood

Coconut Water: Cleansing, hydrating, skin health, fluid and electrolyte balance

Cucumber: Cleansing, hydrating, balances blood pressure, skin health

Ginger: Warming, calming, digestion, joint health

Goji Berries: Superfood, anti-inflammatory, high in antioxidants, strengthens & protects immunity, skin health

Hazelnuts: Strengthens & protects immunity, aids in fertility, lowers cholesterol, skin & hair health

Incaberries: Superfood, high antioxidant, strengthens & protects immunity, sugar balance, calming

Kale: Super green, supports immunity, skin health, improves memory, liver detoxification

Kiwi: Strengthens & protects immunity, anti-inflammatory, sugar balance, balances blood pressure

Lemon: Aids in digestion, cleansing, boosts immunity, eye, skin & hair health, calming, antibacterial

Lime: Aids in digestion, boosts immunity, eye, skin & hair health, sugar balance

Maca: Energy production, skin & hair health, improves strength, boosts mood

Macadamia Nuts: Bone health, high in antioxidants, lowers cholesterol, skin & hair health

Mango: High in antioxidants, bone health, aids in digestion, skin & hair health, heart health

Mint: Anti-inflammatory, aids in digestion, respiration

Mulberries: Strengthens & protects immunity, vision, improves skin, calming

Orange: Skin health, liver protection, lowers cholesterol, energy production

Papaya: Aids in digestion, cleansing, supports immunity

Pecan Nuts: High in antioxidants, energy production, lowers cholesterol

Pear: Soothing, strengthens & protects immunity, bone health, sugar balance

Pineapple: Aids in digestion, cleansing, supports immunity

Pistachio: Hormone balance, promotes eye health, fluid & electrolyte balance

Pumpkin Seeds: Lowers blood pressure, immunity, anti-inflammatory, calming

Raspberries: High in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, aids in fertility, anti-aging, boosts mood

Raw Cacao: Superfood, energy production, high in antioxidants, calming, protects nervous system, lowers blood pressure

Strawberries: Anti-inflammatory, improves memory, bone health, promotes eye health

Spinach: Strengthens & protects immunity, calming, balances blood pressure,

Sunflower Seeds: Bone health, calming, skin health, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory

Walnuts: Strengthens & protects immunity, lowers cholesterol

Watermelon: Hydrating, antioxidant, strengthens & protects immunity